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Yesterday, June 14, was our annual meeting at St. Martin, and it was full of good news! Below you will find some highlights, as well as a digital copy of our annual report and the one-page financial report.

* We need to replace our roof, which has been patched numerous times but still leaks every year. We have acquired one bid so far (for $55,000, which includes a full tear-off roof of the entire building). We currently have enough funds to pay for this. We will acquire at least two more bids. Meanwhile, the congregation voted unanimously to approve an expenditure of up to $55,000 for a new roof, which we could get  as soon as this summer!

* In his financial report, Jim Alexander pointed out that four years ago, St. Martin was in the hole a few thousand dollars, and today we have paid off our mortgage, have had a surplus for a couple of years in a row, have just replaced our old boilers for high efficiency ones, and are looking at a new tear-off roof in the next few months. In addition, our membership and worship attendance continues to increase, with visitors almost every Sunday. As he said, “We can truly say that St. Martin is a growing and thriving congregation!” God is good!

* Due to a recent influx in babies (!), we are working on finding a regular, paid nursery attendant, as well as possibly moving the nursery’s location to one of the unused rooms upstairs to make it easier for parents to slip away to the nursery as needed during worship, and also to make compliance with our new Child Safety Policy possible. We have appointed a nursery committee to develop a plan for this, with hopes of opening the nursery full time this fall.

* Our Congregation Constitution is in need of updating. This is a several month process. A task force has been appointed for the task, and hopefully the lion’s share will be completed this summer, and the first congregational vote to accept the changes can take place at our next congregational meeting in late fall.

* Two people were voted onto the council – Mary Lou Alexander, and Kris Weingartner – and we thanked Nancy Elder for her service on the council.

* We are looking for someone to chair the activities committee. This person may be on council, but does not need to be. The role of the activities chair is to assembly a team of people to plan and facilitate fellowship activities at St. Martin. It is a fun job – we pray that someone feels called to head up this important ministry.

Thanks all, for a productive and exciting meeting!

2014 Annual Report

May Finances

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