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Our neighbor, Ed Harding, only 200 feet from our church property, was putting a fence post one day in his backyard and came across what seemed to be an arrowhead. After sending photos to the NYS Museum and Rochester Museum & Science Center, it was determined that it was a Bare Island projectile point some 3,500 or more years old. Ed continued to look in his yard and proceeded to discover evidence of stone tool making in a layer of topsoil that was buried in the 1950s for the development of the existing subdivision. A full-blow investigation began.

Now Ed has a collection of artifacts, and will be coming to St. Martin to tell us about them. How remarkable that all this was found in his backyard – what could our church be sitting on top of? What might you find in your backyard? Come find out more at Ed’s presentation:

Thursday, November 13

7pm at St. Martin. 

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