Give to St. Martin

Why Give?

The Psalmist asks, “What shall I return to the Lord for all His bounty to me?” (Psalm 116) We believe that God has provided for us an abundance beyond what we could ever notice or appreciate. We are grateful for these gifts! One of the ways that we express gratitude for God’s gifts to us is to give some of that bounty back to God. Often, this is done by giving to the church, which then uses those gifts to serve the local community as well as our broader community. Look through this website to see the various ways we use financial gifts to St. Martin to serve our community.

Online Giving

In recognition of the fact that so many people appreciate the option of electronic or online giving, and commonly handle their finances online, we have decided to offer an online giving option. In this online and electronic financial society, giving to St Martin online can really make a lot of sense. Not only is it quick and easy, but often there are benefits to online giving that traditional check and cash giving don’t offer.

Your online giving activity (which is handled and processed by Vanco Services) is secure and can be a one-time gift, or you may set up regularly scheduled donations. Please click on the “donate now” button below to process your gift(s) to St. Martin Lutheran Church. You will need to set up your profile and password to be able to make a transaction.