Operation:Christmas Stocking

Stuffing stockings

Stuffing stockings

Each year we raise money and take donations from local businesses and community members and stuff over 300 stockings for needy children in our community. Stockings include hats, gloves, scarves and socks, pencils and other school supplies, dental hygiene products, and of course some candy and toys. Stockings are distributed through food cupboards in Monroe and Wayne Counties. This year we are also expanding this ministry to include purchasing a few goats for communities abroad who can use these goats for milk to consume and sell. See ELCA Good Gifts for more information.

Mad Hatters

A variety of textile crafters get together once a month to make hats and scarves for our Christmas Stocking Project and other local ministries. We have knitting needles, crochet hooks, hand looms, and sewing machines going strong, year-round!

Vegetable Garden

We have a vegetable garden on our campus that is tended by members. Produce from the garden goes to Webster Food Cupboard. This year we are growing wax beans.

Our vegetable garden

Our vegetable garden

Maggie’s Kids (Lutheran Community Ministries)

Maggie’s Kids is a Community Lutheran Ministry in the city of Rochester that provides an after school program for low-income kids. St. Martin provides snacks, Christmas presents, our hearts and hands, and more as needs arise.

Grocery Cart – Webster Food Cupboard

Hunger does not only exist in the inner city. Many people right here in Webster need your help. Please continue bringing in non-perishable foods for the community food cupboard. Canned goods, soups, and other similar items are always needed, as well as toiletries, baby food, and detergent.

Family Night Out

Chicken BBQ time!

Chicken BBQ time!

Family Night Out offers families a chance to get out of the house together on a Friday night and have some fun! Our own members as well as people from the neighborhood are welcome. For example, we have an annual Mardi Gras Pancake Supper, a Christmas Nativity for the whole family, and other events as the mood strikes us.

Opening Our Doors to the Community

St. Martin is glad to provide a meeting place for several community groups. For example, Scout Troop 110 has met in our building for some 50 years! Beginning in Sept. 2012, the Bayview Y started holding their before-school program in our facility. We also open our doors to a troop of Girl Scouts, the Webster Quilters, AA, the Red Cross (blood drives), and other community groups. We are also a Red Cross Emergency Shelter for the neighborhood. (If you would like to use our facility, contact the church office at 671-1899, or

Bay Buddies

Bay Buddies includes Adopt-a-Highway and Irondequoit Bay. We believe that we are called to be stewards who care for the beautiful creation God has so graciously provided. We keep clean the stretch of Bay Road on which St. Martin is located, thus serving our own neighborhood.IMG_0464

Barnabas Ministry

While we love to serve the outside community, we also serve each other, especially through our Barnabas Ministry. Barnabas was one of the Apostle Paul’s companions, and his name means “encouragement.” Hence our Barnabas ministers engage in “encouraging” ministries to members of our congregation, including home communion visits for shut-ins, making and sending cards for occasions happy and difficult, making meals for people who are enduring some major life change, and giving rides to church to people who can’t drive.

Webster Council of Churches

This is one way that St. Martin invests in ecumenical relationships with other churches in our area. The churches of the WCC join forces in many ways that serve our community.

Global Mission

Missionaries carry the gospel to people around the world. We have supported and financially sponsored our former pastor, the Rev. Peter Johnson, in his mission in Egypt. Also, the kids in the Sunday School are raising money to buy mosquito nets, which will be sent to Africa to help prevent malaria. We’ve also adopted a child from India through World Vision, and the kids learn about where she is from and write letters back and forth.

We Recycle!

Part of being stewards of God’s gifts is caring for the earth. That’s why we recycle! Please bring in old ink jet printer cartridges, laser cartridges, cell phones, PDA’s or other small electronic devices. We have a green and white cardboard bin in the church entrance hall. Recycling of provided by “Imagine It.” You can also bring your unwanted clothing items to leave in the St. Pauly Textile shed in our parking lot. These clothes are given to people who need them in our community and abroad.

Seasonal Ministries

Stockings stuffed and ready for delivery!

Stockings stuffed and ready for delivery!

There are several other ministries that come up seasonally, especially around major holidays. Come back to this site to find out what ministries we are involved in around Christmas, Thanksgiving, summertime, etc. There’s always something going on!