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The world is a broken place in need of healing. We seek health and wholeness in our personal lives, in our bodies, in our relationships… We all want to move from dis-ease into a life of wellness. 

God wants that for us, too! So during Lent this year, we will focus on how we can find such health and wholeness in all aspects of our lives. Using the Wellness Wheel as our guide, and trusting that our baptism is at the core of all healing, we will pursue health of body, mind and spirit in various areas of life. See below for a schedule of events:

Ash Wednesday: 7pm at St. Martin, imposition of ashes and Holy Communion. We will reflect on our brokenness, our “dustiness,” and the ways that our baptism promises us clean and whole hearts.

Sunday, Feb 18: Healing Service
On this first Sunday in Lent, we will have a healing service as our main worship service for the day. We will set our healing goals, and commit to seeking God’s help in finding healing in our places of dis-ease. Pastor Johanna will be available during and after worship for individual healing prayer and anointing, an ancient healing practice of the church.

Wednesdays at noon: Bible and Lunch.
Join us for a Bible study over your lunch hour on Wednesdays during Lent. From noon to 12:45, we will study scripture with an eye toward how it offers healing. Brown bag lunch.
Wednesdays in February @ Bethlehem Lutheran Church (1767 Plank Rd, Webster)
Wednesdays in March @ St. Martin (813 Bay Rd, Webster)

Wednesday evenings:  Soup Supper and Study.
In the evenings, join us for soup at 5:30, and stay (~6pm) to learn about one of the spokes on the “Wellness Wheel” from experts on those topics (see descriptions below). After we learn (around 7pm), we will do Holden Evening Prayer together.
     Feb. 21 @StM – Vocational Wellness (Living Into Our Call) with the Rev. Mary Johnson
     Feb. 28 @St.M – Spiritual Wellness (Contemplative Prayer/Examen) with Bonnie Matthaidess
     Mar. 7  @BLC – Interpersonal/Social Wellness (Non-Violent Communication) with Kit Miller
     Mar. 14 @BLC – Financial Wellness (Financial Peace) with Kerri Donahue
     Mar. 21 @BLC – Emotional Wellness (Forgiveness) with Bishop John Macholz

Vocational Wellness: Are you living into your calling? Have you had a major change in your life (like retirement, or empty nest) that makes you question what your call might be now? Mary Johnson, Assistant to the Bishop for Candidacy, works with people every day who are discerning their call, whether that is to the ordained ministry, or some other ministry. She will help us discern our gifts and calls for whatever life situation we find ourselves in.

Spiritual Wellness: Where is God in your day-to-day life? This is a question Ignatius of Loyola asked, and from which he developed the “examen” – a simple practice of thinking over your day and discerning where God was present in it. Bonnie Matthaidess is a local spiritual director with a passion for Ignatian spirituality, and will help us learn how to incorporate this transformative practice into our daily lives, and deepen our relationship with God.

Interpersonal/Social Wellness: How can we have conversations that restore instead of divide? The division in our country and in our personal relationships is a painful reality. So often we only hear from others what we expect to hear, rather than taking the time truly to listen. Can this ever change? Kit Miller is the director of the Ghandi Institute for Non-Violence in Rochester. She recently spoke to the UN on her program’s efforts at peace-making, especially among youth. She will lead a workshop for us on “Four ways to hear a message,” helping us learn not only to hear, but to listen to people’s truest needs, even as we discern our own.

Financial Wellness: Do you crave financial freedom? Kerri Donahue (BLC member) found new financial freedom through David Ramsey’s course, Financial Peace ( She was so moved by it, she began teaching the course to offer others this same freedom. She will share what the class is about, and offer information for those interested in taking the full class next time she offers it later this spring.

Emotional Wellness: What pain are you hanging onto, and how would it feel to let it go? Forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts God gives us, and one of the hardest both to receive and to give. But when it happens – what liberation! Upstate NY Bishop John Macholz will join us to talk about forgiveness: how to seek it, how to receive it, and why it matters in the life of a Christian.

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