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A small group made up of members from both Bethlehem and St. Martin received our results from the assessment we took in September. The conversation was thoughtful and respectful, with much gratitude expressed for how much stronger we both are as a result of our covenant relationship (it’s working!!).

Short version: Both churches are strong. Our scores were slightly above the average. [Important note: vitality is not a measure of the ABC’s (attendance, building, cash). It is about joy, discipleship, and faithfulness.]

Scores (on a scale of 0-5, 5 being highest):

Connecting with God: worship, spirituality, prayer

Bethlehem: 4.2 St. Martin: 4.4
Highest scores this congregation is focused on doing God’s work; worship is joyful; prayer; we are filled with a sense of God’s presence; this place helps people deepen their relationship with God; this place is spiritual vital. worship is joyful; nurturing for people’s faith; filled with God’s presence; church helps people deepen relationship with God.


Lowest scores  

we are always ready to try something new; helping adults grow in faith



always willing to try something new; prayer; this congregation has lots of meaningful activities


Connecting with each other: relationships, conflict, leadership, visitors/welcome

Bethlehem: 4.1 St. Martin: 4.2
Highest scores we are a close-knit family; accepting and welcoming to newcomers welcoming to visitors; accepting newcomers

Lowest scores


involving youth/young adults in decision-making; managing disagreements in healthy, respectful manner; seeking out and using the gifts of all members


involving youth in decisions; building strong, healthy relationships; seeking out using gifts of all members


Connecting with the world: service, outreach, community relationships

Bethlehem: 4.0 St. Martin: 4.0
Highest scores partnering with other congregations in this area; addressing social concerns congregation is positive force in the community

Lowest scores


sharing info about ELCA or synod with members; equipping members to share their faith with others


sharing info about ELCA/synod; equipping members to share their faith with others


If you would like a copy of the full report, complete with graphs and assessment, let Pastor Johanna know, and we will make you a copy. This can be done over email or we can print a hard copy.

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