Posted by Katie Moore

Do you know what your spiritual gifts are? The Holy Spirit has gifted each of us with particular gifts, joys, and passions, and whether we are aware of this or not, these gifts have influenced us and inspired us to become the people we are, the people God created us to be. Perhaps you didn’t even know you had a particular gift, but when it is named, you suddenly realize how God has been using that in you throughout your life.

We want to help you name your spiritual gifts. This is a time of self-discovery, and a time of faith discovery. It is our job as the Church to help you grow in your faith, and this is one way that can happen. And – you might just have fun! We did this last week with Bethlehem, and at Bible study the next day, everyone was buzzing about the experience. I asked if they had fun, and they said, “Yes, it was very interesting!”

So I hope you will make an effort to be there this Sunday, Oct 5, following worship to participate in this fun and exciting faith-growing activity. We will start with a luncheon (potluck!), then begin discovering. This is good for all ages – what a wonderful opportunity for young people to learn early on in life how God is using them! We even have coloring pages for the wee little ones.

See you there!

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