Posted by Katie Moore

Remember that assessment we took in early September? The Congregational Vitality Assessment? The results are in, and you are invited to come hear about them. A team of people from around our conference who are trained in presenting these results will join us on November 19 at 6:30pm in the sanctuary. This will be a time of conversation about how we feel about the vitality of our congregation, and how the results of the survey reflect that (or not), and how we can move forward to become even more vibrant. (Spoiler alert: St. Martin is very healthy!)

We will be doing this at the same time as Bethlehem, who will also be there. As we continue to figure out what it looks like to be in a covenant relationship together, the CVA team and Pastor Johanna decided this could be a chance for us to see where we each are strong, and where we each can help the other to grow.

There will be light refreshments, but plan to have eaten dinner beforehand. Hope you can make it!

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