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We live in a culture that advocates for more, more, more: more stuff, more complex stuff, more activities… But does all this stuff finally get in the way of us appreciating what truly matters? Does it get in the way of our relationship with God? If you could simplify your life – your space, your schedule, your habits – could you be happier and more grateful for what you already have?

Our Lenten theme this year is “Walking Simply With Christ.” Together, we will explore how to simplify our lives and become better stewards of our stuff, our time, our food, our health/bodies, and our neighbors’ well-being. Of course, we will also have our Wednesday sessions, which begin with soup at 5:30, learning hour at 6:00, and Holden Evening Prayer at 7:00:

• Feb. 25 @ BLC: Where do we start? A self-assessment and initial guidelines.
• Mar 4 @ BLC: The Story of Stuff (where our stuff comes from and where it goes)
• Mar 11 @SMLC: Space for Sabbath (with spiritual director Bonnie Matthaidess)
• Mar 18 @ SMLC: De-cluttering our Homes and our Lives
• Mar 25 @ SMLC: Simple Food: Caring for our Bodies (with two nutritionists from St. Ann’s Community)

Join us for any part of the series. We will post other resources on our websites ( or, as well as several Facebook postings a week that will help you simplify your life and live more lightly in the beautiful world God has given us. We look forward to having you along for the journey!

Bethlehem Lutheran Church (BLC) is located at 1767 Plank Rd. Webster
St. Martin Lutheran Church (SMLC) is located at 813 Bay Rd. Webster

Some resources:

Simplicity Calendar (Lent 2015) – Daily and weekly practices to help you practice some of the different aspects of simplicity at home with your family.

Resources to Help You Live More Simply – Websites and books you can explore to help you learn more deeply on the topics that interest you most.

Facebook Event – engage in the conversation and see the latest resources here.

Walking Simply With Christ Devotional – a digital version of the devotional written by and for our members.

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